Episode 5: Break Free and Overcome 

In this episode, Joel McCray looks at the germination of plant and the power needed to break through its shell and its tough environment.  It is a powerful visual of how we can also break through our own barriers! Break…


Episode 4: Shine 

In this episode, Joel McCray encourages you not to lose your passion for your ideas when it seems like no one is receiving them.  Using the stars in the heavens as an example, it is possible that your ideas may…


Episode 3: Let's P.L.A.Y. 

In this episode, Joel discusses the power of being inspired and living a life of P.L.A.Y.:



Ambition &



Episode 2: Let 'er R.I.P. 

After listening to the first episode, one of our listeners asked, "how can identity be passed on or discovered in our children?" This episode will give some insight on connecting the dots from the inspiration of a child to the…


Episode 1: Identity 

Welcome to my first podcast. In this episode, I'm sharing my story about losing and re-discovering my identity.  Many have prompted me to do a podcast for a while, and I was encouraged to do so again at the Fire…